The Blue Sky Tag

You guessed it. I have been nominated for a tag! First I would like to say a huge thank you to Stella, the author of Rainy Day Writings for nominating me. It’s so nice to see someone reading and appreciating my blog as well as showing love and support as I am still trying to get my blog off the ground. Baby steps, I know 🙂

Now on to the tag, I honestly had no idea how these things really worked at first. Now that I do know, I think tags are really good as they give writers a focus in the form of clear questions which they can answer how they want, even if its just a one or the other or a yes or no. I often struggle with finding ideas and forming a basis on which to branch my writing off but when given a topic, I thrive. I also found it so interesting that there will be a continuous chain of questions and answers if the bloggers nominated pass on the tag. Anyway, keep reading to find my answers to Stella’s questions.

1) Where have you always wanted to travel? Why?

I have wanted to visit Italy and see my family living there which I’ve never met for as long as I can remember. The culture and let’s be honest, the food interests me and hopefully I get to travel there one day. I also want to travel to the Unites States, the home of fame and fortune, but I haven’t been as keen since the election.

2) How many siblings do you have? Are you an only child?

I have an 11-year-old younger brother who is annoying as anything but I love to bits. We go through periods of love-hate and you’ll usually find us fighting over the front car seat or playing a board/card/soccer game.

3) What is your favourite form of transport? Do you use the bus, a bike, a car?

My ideal transportation is 100% the car, however, depending on the distance and weather, I love walking. I used to bike ride lots but not so much anymore and although I do take the bus after school, I don’t enjoy catching public transport unless I’m going somewhere interesting and I can call it an adventure.

4) What is your favourite kind of animal?

I have wanted a pet rabbit for so long, I even wrote up a list of everything I needed to buy and decided it would be a caramel colour and I would name it Caffè Latte. This plan didn’t quite work out thanks to my family but my dream is still going strong. I also love baby monkeys and tigers because they’re so cute and fantasise about having them as pets but I understand why it’s better to keep them at the zoo 🙂

5)  What is your favourite TV show?

The TV shows I have binge watched or am currently binge watching are Awkward, The Carrie Diaries, Jane the Virgin, Gossip Girl, The Catch, Stranger Things, Shameless and 13 Reasons Why. It’s really hard to choose one as my favourite is usually the one I am currently watching or hooked on. Lately, that has been 13 Reasons Why which I finished last week and Shameless where I’m up to Season 5.

My Questions

Here are the questions for the bloggers I nominate;

  1. Do you prefer to wear comfortable or stylish clothing and why?
  2. If you could only either blog or read forever, which would you choose?
  3. What is your dream job and can you see yourself getting there?
  4. What is your most essential or holy grail skincare or makeup product?
  5. Do you think another universe or solar system exists and that there are more humans or even aliens somewhere? (weird but I am obsessed with conspiracy theories)

My Nominees:

All of the bloggers below have either inspired or enticed me in some way. I recommend you check out their blogs and I hope they do the same for you 🙂

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Thanks so much for reading, we’ve come to the end of this tag and it has been really fun. I can’t wait to do many more of these. Once again, thanks to Stella from Rainy Day Writings, please check out her blog as well and pass on the love. Thanks to everyone who is visiting my blog again as it means a lot and welcome to any new followers or readers who have accidently clicked on my blog 🙂 Talk soon,

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxxx


March Favourites 2017

In Australia, the weather is getting colder and the sky is getting darker. Summer feels long gone and although I do enjoy the cold breeze and it is perfect workout weather, I haven’t worked out once. The holidays did start yesterday but it honestly doesn’t even feel like the holidays. March can be summarised by colds, breakouts, sleep deprivation and school. At least school’s out for two weeks now and I can catch up on sleep. I feel like I’ve made March sound terrible but it honestly hasn’t been that bad guys 🙂 Haha anyway, let’s focus on the good things now. Here are this month’s 5 favourites;

  1. Zoeva Brushes – Ever since I purchased the 15 piece Rose Gold Brush Set from Zoeva, I haven’t done my makeup without them. They are the softest, best quality brushes I have ever used and I can blend my foundation with their buffer brush better than I can with a beauty blender. I also love that they come in a cute leather pouch which is big enough to hold the brushes as well as all my basic, daily-used, go to makeup products. Although they were very pricey for makeup brushes, I highly recommend them if you’re looking for the best quality. You get what you pay for.
  2. Nike ‘Juvenate’ Grey Sneakers – I got some ‘Juvenate’ Nikes earlier on in the year and have been wearing them non-stop along with my Converse. I can’t seem to get enough of sneakers. My Nike ones are grey and a lot more sporty which I like for wearing with gym clothes. They are made of a comfortable stretchy material meaning I can slip them on and off and are low cut, pairing nicely with low cut socks. Because they are grey, I can also wear them with lots of different outfits which I like. All in all, they’re comfortable and stylish, what more could you want in a shoe.
  3. Shameless TV Show – March’s binge show has no doubt been Shameless, an American TV show about a family with serious drug/alcohol/money/family/love problems. It was hard for me to start as I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea but damn did it pull through. I’m already up to Season 4 and cannot recommend it enough. I’ve linked the website I use to watch it so there’s no excuses! Get binging!
  4. Tarot Cards – Maybe I’m turning into a hippie but I have been in love with tarot cards. After my Aunty gave me some tarot cards, they have given me so much confidence and clarity when I’ve felt down or lost. So basically, you think of a question and depending on which tarot cards you have, most of them come with a book which will tell you how to shuffle. The card you draw will help you solve or relate to the question, mainly providing guidance. I found it so interesting and have been using them on myself and friends during our uncertainties and for a bit of fun. The specific deck my Aunty got me is linked but I plan to buy more.
  5. Tea Tree Oil – Even though I don’t have acne, I have noticed more breakouts this month. After reading somewhere that tea tree oil helps clear pimples, I thought I should try it considering I had some in my laundry cupboard. I had also been using tea tree oil to clear my nose by adding some drops to boiling water and breathing it in. After a couple of days, I noticed my pimples drying and after a week, disappearing. All I had done was apply tea tree oil daily with a cotton ball. The most inexpensive method I had come across proved to be the best, much to my surprise. Tea tree oil is truly a ‘do-all’ with multiple beauty, health and household uses. I also know The Body Shop has a tea tree oil range which is amazing if you’re just as obsessed with tea tree oil as me 🙂

Thanks for sticking it out, March has had a pretty long favourite’s post which is odd because I struggled to think of anything good in this month at first 🙂 Focus on the good things in life and you’ll be surprised how much happiness you find. There are my words of wisdom and now I’m done 🙂 Love you all,

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxx

P.S Forgot to mention, I am now adding links to the titles of my favourites that you can purchase online so you can check them out really easily. I’ve also gone back and added links to my other favourites posts so go have a look 🙂

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