Hey, I’m Wish and Wonder Girl. I am 15 years old and live in Australia.

I have decided to start a blog to share my wishes and wonders along with anything and everything else.

I’ve written some random facts about myself that make me who I am;

  1. I have an Italian background although I don’t eat tomato, olives or cheese (unless it’s melted in a toastie or on pizza) much to my Nonna’s disgrace
  2. I love road trips, weekend getaways and experiencing the outdoors
  3. My favourite colour is royal blue
  4. I aim to write here regularly and start writing a book
  5. My star sign is Libra and I love reading my daily horoscope
  6. My favourite foods are margherita pizza (which I could eat every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner) and nutella (which I can eat on anything except bread)
  7. I prefer winter over summer
  8. My favourite number is 8 🙂

Please have a look around my blog and make yourself at home.

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxxx


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