October Favourites 2017

October has been long awaited all year, as it is actually my birthday month!! This year as it was my 16th and I had absolutely no idea what I really wanted, my family decided to take a vacation for my birthday 🙂 I chose to go to Bali and we stayed there for 10 days which was absolutely amazing. After arriving home, it was straight back into the swing of school and now I am beginning preparations for my end of year exams which are fast approaching 😦 Anyway, here’s my October’s favourites, I hope you enjoy and if you’re currently studying or doing your exams – good luck!! 🙂

  1. My Birthday  – It’s not surprising that this was the best part of my month 🙂 I love celebrating birthdays and this year as we went to Bali for it, I was even more excited than usual (which is quite hard to beat). I highly recommend going to Bali if you enjoy relaxing, ‘island-vibe’ holidays and hot weather, as well as exploring nature and cultures as I found Indonesia to be really spiritual and beautiful.
  2. Naked Cakes – After returning home, my Mum made a naked cake to celebrate my birthday and it ended up turning out looking (and tasting) amazing. Even if you’re not the best cook, give it a crack and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. We decorated mine with flowers and paired with the cake peeking through the icing, it really had a bohemian, natural and laid-back look to it which I loved.
  3. NYX Lip Lingerie – I have two of these NYX lipsticks but have recently been loving the shade ‘Push-Up’. Although I find matte liquid lipsticks very drying and not very long lasting, these ones are great layered with a gloss. The huge range of nude and brown shades which I swear by are also all amazing and unique – with their names all inspired by lingerie (how could they get any better?).
  4. iPhone 8 Plus – Another perk of my birthday – I was able to get my hands on the iPhone 8 quite early. Sure enough, I cracked the beautiful glass back within 5 days and was absolutely shattered (pun intended). Hahaha luckily only the little corner cracked but it was solely due to not having a case yet as it was so new. Whoops 😦 Anyway, there’s a case on it now but I’m not getting it fixed as it doesn’t bother me too much (oh and it costs $600). I’m trying not to let this phone take over my life but it is truly beautiful haha I’m a bit obsessed if you can’t already tell.
  5. Stranger Things TV Show – I have been obsessed with Stranger Things for ages now and after waiting a good year for Season 2, I have binged watched it within a week 😦 Here’s to another year’s wait for the next season. If you haven’t already seen Season 1, go watch it now as there’s actually a good amount of episodes waiting for you. Just try to slow down a bit, which I wish I did because it’s really no fun playing the waiting game for a year and forgetting everything that has happened 😦

That comes to the end of October’s favorites. Once again, I’m sorry it’s late and although it was half written at the beginning of October, my exams got in the way and I am only posting it now as all of my exams have finally come to an end. November favourites will be coming soon 🙂 Love you all,

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxx



September Favourites 2017

I know, this is an overdue post and I’m sorry but I promise I have the best reason to date 🙂 I actually went to Bali this September for the school holidays (which I am currently working on a post for!). It was absolutely amazing, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved it! As we had two weeks of September school holidays in Australia, we went then and recently got back, just in time for school 😦 Anyway, it’s only Spring in Australia now that we are back but it was really hot in Bali so here’s a very summer inspired monthly favourites for you all 🙂

  1. Reef Sun Tan Oil – I bought a bottle of this miracle oil last summer and didn’t use it much but decided to dig it out of my bathroom cupboard and add it to the weight of my suitcase. I am sooooo glad I did! I ended up using it every time I lay out in the sun on my legs and arms (It was only SPF 15 but I didn’t burn at all on the oiled up areas). Then I put sunscreen everywhere else (my face, shoulders, neck and other areas that burnt easily). The oil worked a treat and made my skin soft and hydrated while getting and maintaining a nice natural tan 🙂 To top it off, it has the most amazing coconut scent!
  2. Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Bag L – I don’t really like using a small suitcase for a carry-on just because I put things I want to have easy access to on the plane in it and unzipping a suitcase in the small amount of space you have with a food cart trying to get past is not really my scene. So this time I decided to use a duffle bag and this Longchamp one is the perfect size, you can carry it like a handbag but it could also fit your whole bedroom inside 🙂 Mine is khaki which you know I am a big fan of and the brown leather detailing the nylon Longchamp bags have I find is really nice. They are also the lightest, most compact bags you will ever carry, absolutely perfect for travelling as they fold up into a tiny square package when empty and fit right under your plane seat when full.
  3. Poolside Mocktails – Probably the most missed thing about my whole holiday is just lying on a sun lounge, covered in Reef Oil, book in hand, sipping a mocktail. Sorry if you’d like to replace the first letter with a ‘c’ but I’m still underage so we have to stick to the boring ones for now. The mocktails at my hotel were so refreshing, especially in the heat and came in the most delicious flavours. Ones I tried included watermelon fizz, gineroska (ginger and lime), lychee delight and virgin pina colada.
  4. Market Shopping – Very popular in Bali, the markets are buzzing with tourists trying to get great bargains. We saw so many fake mimco pouches along with watches, other bags, makeup (lots of kylie cosmetics), basketball/soccer tops, sunglasses, sneakers, dream catchers, jewellery and clothes. Most of them are knockoff brands and I did purchase a few things. If you want me to do a post on everything I bought or even tips for market shopping overseas let me know 🙂
  5. Sportsgirl Aviator Sunglasses – No, I didn’t buy any fake RayBans at the markets but I kind of regret it now 😦 I guess I will just have to go back to get some hahaha. Anyway, because it was always sunny and we did lots and lots of walking, sunglasses were a must and could always be found either on my head or covering my eyes. I personally find it really difficult to buy sunglasses that actually suit my face and look good. The ones I took to Bali are brown aviator sunglasses from Sportsgirl. They are definitely the best fitting sunglasses I have found and the price tag is reasonable too 🙂

Thanks for reading this month’s (or should I say last month’s favourites 😦 ) Sorry again haha I’ll have October’s ready in time don’t worry 🙂 A Bali post should be coming soon even though this had very holiday, tropical vibes anyway. Hope you liked it and keep a look out for my next post! Love you all, always.

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxx



August Favourites 2017

Can’t believe August is already over. I was quite sick last week and took almost a week off school 😦 Better now thanks to a few days with Netflix and many, many cups of tea but all I have is piles and piles of work to catch up on. Other than that, August was pretty good but pretty uneventful. It was Father’s Day last weekend and gathering with my family is probably my favourite thing ever so seeing all my cousins was great as usual. Anyway, onto my 5 August favourites.

  1. Homemade Donuts – My Mum and brother recently tried making homemade Italian donuts, zeppole, as we call them and they were amazing!  I’m not sure exactly the recipe but we just found it online and deep fried the balls of dough, not really expecting much. They turned out really nice and we have made them another three times since, with different recipe variations and flavours 🙂 I personally like them filled with Nutella hahaha. Anyway, I highly recommend jumping into the kitchen one lazy Sunday and giving them a crack, you’ll be surprised 🙂
  2. Journalling – After buying two pretty notebooks and trying to devote myself to write a lot more, I have begun a journal. No, I haven’t written anything in it yet but I thought I should start writing, not really about my life but just anything, even if I don’t feel like blogging about something, I still want to be able to write it down and have it for myself to look back on. My Bucket List post inspired my extended bucket list, which I will also be putting in my journal. The other notebook I bought is going to become my travel journal, coming along on all my adventures so I can document the lifetime experiences I know I would want to relive just by reading my entries. I am going away shortly and have written the booking details in as well as all my previous holidays and road trips 🙂
  3. Farfetch – Farfetch is basically an online website that stocks every designer brand you can think of. When I found this website I was a bit iffy but my friend has actually purchased from there and highly recommends it. They have clothing, jewellery, kids wear (oh so cute) and shoes! I have my eye on so many things including Louboutins and a Gucci crossbody bag but have so much more saving to do before those things go through the checkout 🙂 If you’re a shopaholic like me you should definitely check it out, or don’t, because you’ll definitely blow the savings 😉
  4. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – My mascara ran out and I was adamant to buy a new one ASAP considering it’s definitely my most used product and an absolute essential for me. I really didn’t know what to buy and was at first only looking at brands in Mecca, ready to splurge before thinking, no, mascara is not worth $30 and I’m going to need a new one soon enough because of how much I use it anyway. Yeah, it might lengthen my lashes a lot but it’s all the same black goop on my makeup wipes at the end of the day. Anyway, I ended up buying this Maybelline mascara after my friend recommended it and absolutely love it 🙂 It lengthens and separates my lashes really well!
  5. Orphan Black TV Show – To be honest, my aunty actually recommended this show and I decided to watch it while I am waiting for Netflix to update the new seasons of both Shameless and Jane the Virgin. I wasn’t expecting much but the show turned out to be amazing!! Just like almost any TV show I begin, I am hooked and it’s even better as there are lots of seasons for me to binge and eventually get through. I have decided not to start anymore shows that are new and only have one season because I am so sick of having to wait a whole year just for season two after I’ve smashed out the first season in less than a week 😦

Thanks for reading this month’s favourites. I better get started on some of my homework/study/assignments which are piling up 😦 If you aren’t drowning in school work like me I highly recommend you either start watching Orphan Black or begin a journal, write a bucket list if you want a writing prompt/activity (I’ve wanted to start a journal for ages but never thought I had anything meaningful enough to write about). My next post will probably be something about beating writer’s block because this was my case for so, so long. Keep your eyes out for that 🙂

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxx

July Favourites 2017

July marked the end of school holidays and the preparation followed by actually going back to school. It feels like I never even had holidays 😦 I went to Anglesea (a coastal little beach-housey town) for a weekend where we have a holiday house but it was way too cold to swim so it wasn’t very eventful. Apologies for the late post as well, it completely crossed my mind that the month had ended while I was in the full swing of school. Anyway, on to the favourites, this month has quite a weird, random but I hope you enjoy it hahaha 🙂

  1. Miss Guided – Miss Guided is an online store, mainly known for its women’s clothing. I browse their site regularly as they have hundreds of styles for every occasion and have lots of sales (50% off everything, every week? I think yes). Anyway, I recently purchased a bikini (khaki of course because I’m obsessed) and some silky, button up pyjamas. They had $5 express shipping and 50% off so I thought why not prepare for summer. The items came quickly as expected and are actually made really well! I can’t wait to wear them when the weather warms up. Completely worth the purchase and I highly recommend looking at their website.
  2. New Music Discoveries – I barely ever come across music that I actually like and am quite picky, as my friends remind me, when it comes to song choices. I am pleased to say that this month I have found about 7 new songs I can listen to on repeat that aren’t from my go to artist or the 90’s. The two artists in particular that I had never heard of before are Kennyon Brown and Donell Lewis. Two of the new songs are by the both of them and they have lots together as well as others separate and with other artists. Anyway, I have linked my favourite YouTube clip of a remix by the both of them together. Sorry if you don’t like RnB or rap 🙂
  3. Costco – Oh Costco, only the best supermarket on steroids. We recently got a membership and hadn’t been for ages but are back and completely obsessed. You can buy anything and everything from groceries, tyres, diamond rings, spas, clothes and even coffins. Haha and it’s all in bulk (bigger is better) and therefore a lot cheaper. Honestly, my favourite part is the mini food court they have 🙂 Of course, I get their ginormous pizza slices every time I go ahhahaa. Lets not forgot the free drink refills, huge sundaes and churros. Paradise!
  4. Passionfruit and Hibiscus Tea – I was really intrigued when I saw this flavour of tea at the supermarket and thought I had to try it as I never branch away from my typical fennel tea (which I am running low on and can’t find ANYWHERE!!!). It is by the brand Tetley which I thought didn’t really do unique flavours but I am hooked already. It tastes amazing with honey, I really think I am a sucker for fruity teas now 🙂 Can’t wait to try their Mango and Strawberry one!!
  5. Travel/Birthday Preparations – There’s nothing more exciting than the build up to going overseas. It sits pretty close on the list to the build up to your birthday 🙂 Luckily for me, my birthday is fast approaching and I am going overseas for it! I honestly can’t wait and have been looking up everything regarding travel from places to go to suitcase dividers. I’m really excited haha and mainly can’t wait to escape Australian winter. This is probably the first year I barely know what I want for my birthday as I usually have lists written out 6 months in advance. Surprises are always better anyway 🙂

That comes to the end of my July favourites 🙂 I promise the next one won’t be as late eeek. Hope you have all had a good month like me! Please let me know if you’re escaping the country soon too 🙂 The excitement is realllll. Look out for my next post. Lots of love,

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxxx



June Favourites 2017

Honestly, June flew by just as fast as May and the amount of things I haven’t done but need to do is stressing me out. A lot. I feel like there’s so much to do but I’ve been so lazy and actually really sick, especially last week. My best friend is overseas so I have absolutely no one to do things with or cheer me up either. I should be living it up as today is the first day of the school holidays but no. Quite the opposite. I’ll be spending all holidays in bed and that’s certain. Anyway, I still managed to put 5 favourites together for you ahaha. Here they are 🙂 (It’s basically a sick girl’s survival kit, just warning you.)

  1. Beauty Blender – I recently purchased a real beauty blender, praying it would be worth the splurge on a makeup sponge and I kid you not, it absolutely is. The texture and feel are completely different to the many dupes and other sponges I have used. It is mainly way softer and squishier in comparison and when wet, the beauty blender is smooth and expands so much more than dupes. I think this is the reason it not only blends my foundation so well but soaks up any excess cake which I love 🙂
  2. Ivy Park Hoodie – I’m not lying when I say I have been living in this hoodie. Thanks to its baggy fit and not too fluffy but not too thin fabric, it’s really comfortable as well as stylish. Beyonce’s new clothing line ‘Ivy Park’ has a great aesthetic and you’ll love their range of clothing and accessories if you like plain designs that pack a punch. The line reminds me a lot of street wear and I think that was Beyonce’s inspiration. Thanks to my recent obsession with khaki, I fell in love with the khaki hoodie. Most of the clothing is in black and white which I love and basically all feature bold block letters. You can get ‘Ivy Park’ products at Topshop or online at JD Sports where I got mine 🙂 You should definitely check the brand out.
  3. Netflix – You must be thinking, she finally coughed up the $10 a month but no. My friend gave me her login 🙂 Hahahahaha. What can you expect, I’ve been sick so Netflix and Nutella have been my best friends. Thanks to my friend I have been able to continue all my T.V shows on Netflix, without the ad popups every 5 minutes and completely legal 🙂 One thing I did notice was that there are actually so many movies missing so don’t be disappointed if the movie you are specifically looking for isn’t there. I usually just scroll through the genre I want to watch and choose that way rather than looking for specific movies. Netflix is definitely better for T.V shows as they’re constantly being updated with new episodes and are very HD. I still don’t think I would pay for Netflix just because of all the other websites available and so easy to access now I don’t think it’s worth it but I still hands down love it and will definitely check for movies and shows there before other websites.
  4. Formula 10.0.6 Face Masks – My skin has been freaking out lately nd I ha such a bad breakout on my forehead. I;m pretty sure it’s from all the makeup I wore for formal as I don’t usually wear makeup 😦 Anyway, a friend recommended these face masks and I used one a couple of days ago to calm my skin and really liked it. I used the green one for oil absorption and have used the pink clarifying one before. I have to admit the green one stung quite a bit but I presumed that’s just the mask doing its job and my friend said the same happened to her. Anyway, they are a clay formula and dry nicely then come off with warm water. I really liked using it and think it helped to dry my blemishes without drying out the rest of my skin which is great 🙂 I love trying new face masks and will let you know when I find another good one!!
  5. Any and all wi-fi messaging/calling apps – With my best friend half way across the world, the only way we have been keeping in contact is by messaging and video calling through wifi apps. To avoid data-roaming fees we have been using Facetime, WhatsApp and the normal Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp is particularly good as you can message, call and video call with wi-fi and even better, when you send photos they automatically save to your camera roll. I absolutely love it as I know with most apps like messenger you have to save photos individually wich is an absolute nightmare when you’re receiving over 100 photos. With someone overseas or not, I definitely recommend these apps.

Anyway, there are this months 5 favourites and hopefully I get better as soon as possible for the school holidays. Right now I am drinking tea and catching up on Jane The Virgin which I surprisingly haven’t watched in ages! Yes, I am wearing my ‘Ivy Park’ hoodie and actually got out of my pyjamas today. Haha it’s an improvement I guess. Anyway, my next blog post I’ve started working on is going to be really different and I’m so excited for you to read it. See you then.

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxx



May Favourites 2017

Sorry this is extremely late but I’ve been so busy with school because of exams 😦 Not to worry they are all over now and I’m free with school holidays in less than a week! Although I’m not going away and all my friends are, I can’t wait to just be stress free and relax as much as possible. Everything has been all over the place in the last few weeks but is slowly calming down 🙂 Anyway, this month’s favourites (I should probably say last month’s actually) are below and have helped keep me sane to say the least 🙂

  1. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – I’ve actually been using this highlighter for ages and couldn’t believe I hadn’t included it in a favourites yet. It has a super silky texture and is really pigmented so a little goes a long way. To top it off, the colour (I have ‘Opal’) also goes with my skin tone really well. I use it with my Zoeva fan brush and the two of them just work so well together. I haven’t left my house for a party without sparkling ‘Opal’ all over my face since I bought the highlighter. I recommend all my fellow makeup lovers to purchase it ASAP 🙂 It’ll literally brighten up your life.
  2. Quizlet – As I mentioned before, exam time rolled around and the stress hit hard. Basically, Quizlet is a website where you can be tested on whatever your learning, for any subject. You make an account and luckily my teacher puts definitions on the site which anyone can access and be tested on through games, cue cards or practise quizzes. You can make your own cue cards which the website then allows multiple learning methods to suit you. It makes remembering definitions as fun as possible and has been an essential study tool for me.
  3. Riverdale TV Show – This month’s sneaky binge through study has been Riverdale. I feel like every single person I know was talking about it before I even started so I had to join in on the fun. Of course, I got hooked within episodes but I surprisingly haven’t finished the first season yet because exams got in the way. Anyway, the show is about teenagers in a small town and a suspicious murder with all the goss involved. Oh, and Cole Sprouse is in it 🙂 What’s not to love? Start binging.
  4. Rent A Dress – I forgot to mention, my year 10 formal is fast approaching!! Even though I’ve left everything to the last minute, as usual, I managed to get my dress organised. I’m renting it off a website called Rent A Dress. Basically, people put up their dresses on the site and you can rent them for a few nights for an event and then send it back to them. This way, you’re not blowing heaps of money on a really formal dress you’ll never be able to wear again. I think it’s a great idea as everyone wants to wear a beautiful, standout dress without the excessive price tag 🙂 I’m so excited now that I have my dress and can move on to shoes and accessories 🙂
  5. Pizza – Sorry but this favourites would not be complete without a shoutout to my one and only favourite food, that I have been craving every single night leading up to, of my and after my exams. HAHAHHA. Not even joking I think I’ve had pizza at least twice a week. Margherita of course. Actually, speaking of pizza I had it for breakfast and lunch yesterday as well as dinner the night before. Ahhhh.

Thanks for reading my May’s favourites and I promise you next month’s one will be on time. Look out for my next post which I’m planning now and can tell you it’ very different to anything I’ve written about before. I hope you all have had a good May and start of June. Love you all,

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxxx

April Favourites 2017

No, I still haven’t started working out and yes, the weather is long past ‘cool breeze’ and well into ‘freezing your tits off’. The last few days have been as cold as 6°C and thanks to my school having the ugliest uniform, I didn’t buy the tracksuit pants. No wonder I already have a cold and winter hasn’t even started 😦 Sorry this month’s favourites are a bit late but the last few days have consisted of tea, sleep and study (thanks again to my school for surprising me with endless tests). Anyway, tomorrow’s Friday and then it’s full swing into my lazy weekend dedicated to a full recovery. I know it will end up being crammed with a month’s worth of study but let’s just pretend it’ll be relaxing 🙂 Keep reading for my April favourites, there for me through sickness and not.

  1. Free Online Books – I haven’t been reading as much this year just because of school work taking over but I am so happy I actually finished a book and have found an author I like and can obsess over/commit to HAHA. I find most of my books online and the one I just finished was called Lucas by Jay McLean. I had never read or heard of this author before and am so glad I listened to my friend and read it. I highly recommend it if you like steamy romance like me. I have linked the book so you can read it for free, it’s formatted just like an iBook and I’ll let you know how the author’s other series is because I’ve already started 🙂
  2. Fennel Tea – Nothing goes with reading and being sick like tea does. Even better, FENNEL tea. This has been my obsession for years now and I currently can’t get enough of it. If you’re Italian, you probably know fennel as finocchio, which is basically a white, crunchy vegetable I think HAHA I’m not sure but I usually eat it raw and it has a kind of aniseed flavour. Believe it or not, my Nonna is cutting some up now for a salad. Anyway, I buy the tea from the supermarket in tea bags but it is just 100% fennel seeds so you could just buy fennel seeds and infuse the tea yourself. Add a bit of honey and the most amazing winter warmer is complete.
  3. Personalised Jewellery – Because Mother’s Day is fast approaching, I decided to order my Mum a personalised necklace that says me and my brother’s names on it. It’s so cute and after digging around on their website which I have linked, there are so many cute gifts that I might even get something for myself. You should really check it out, I think engraved necklaces are the cutest presents and personalisations make them really unique and thoughtful 🙂
  4. Chocolate – YAY to having little cousins and still getting to have an easter hunt every year! It hasn’t been long since our Easter tradition and we have mountains of chocolate. I snack on it more than I don’t so you could say I’m enjoying having so much. I really need to start working out. This year, my favourites have been Cadbury mini marshmallow bunnies and rocky road chocolate bunnies. Weird but amazing.
  5. Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment – I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this in one of my favourites posts already because I swear by it. Especially now with the cold weather my lips are extra chapped and I have been using it religiously. Extremely popular in Australia, Paw Paw is the best lip balm ever and can be used on cuts, rashes, insect bites, dry skin or basically anything. It’s my miracle ointment and I highly recommend getting some ASAP 🙂

Thanks for reading this month’s favourites 🙂 I’ll be posting a Lush bath bomb review sometime soon so get excited! Love you all, wish me luck for next weeks tests. Tonight I’m going to get some homework done, have a finocchio tea and sleeeeeppppp 🙂 If any of you reading this are huddled under a blanket with a tissue hanging out of your nose and a sore throat, I recommend you do the same 🙂 Love you guys,

– Wish and Wonder Gir xxx


March Favourites 2017

In Australia, the weather is getting colder and the sky is getting darker. Summer feels long gone and although I do enjoy the cold breeze and it is perfect workout weather, I haven’t worked out once. The holidays did start yesterday but it honestly doesn’t even feel like the holidays. March can be summarised by colds, breakouts, sleep deprivation and school. At least school’s out for two weeks now and I can catch up on sleep. I feel like I’ve made March sound terrible but it honestly hasn’t been that bad guys 🙂 Haha anyway, let’s focus on the good things now. Here are this month’s 5 favourites;

  1. Zoeva Brushes – Ever since I purchased the 15 piece Rose Gold Brush Set from Zoeva, I haven’t done my makeup without them. They are the softest, best quality brushes I have ever used and I can blend my foundation with their buffer brush better than I can with a beauty blender. I also love that they come in a cute leather pouch which is big enough to hold the brushes as well as all my basic, daily-used, go to makeup products. Although they were very pricey for makeup brushes, I highly recommend them if you’re looking for the best quality. You get what you pay for.
  2. Nike ‘Juvenate’ Grey Sneakers – I got some ‘Juvenate’ Nikes earlier on in the year and have been wearing them non-stop along with my Converse. I can’t seem to get enough of sneakers. My Nike ones are grey and a lot more sporty which I like for wearing with gym clothes. They are made of a comfortable stretchy material meaning I can slip them on and off and are low cut, pairing nicely with low cut socks. Because they are grey, I can also wear them with lots of different outfits which I like. All in all, they’re comfortable and stylish, what more could you want in a shoe.
  3. Shameless TV Show – March’s binge show has no doubt been Shameless, an American TV show about a family with serious drug/alcohol/money/family/love problems. It was hard for me to start as I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea but damn did it pull through. I’m already up to Season 4 and cannot recommend it enough. I’ve linked the website I use to watch it so there’s no excuses! Get binging!
  4. Tarot Cards – Maybe I’m turning into a hippie but I have been in love with tarot cards. After my Aunty gave me some tarot cards, they have given me so much confidence and clarity when I’ve felt down or lost. So basically, you think of a question and depending on which tarot cards you have, most of them come with a book which will tell you how to shuffle. The card you draw will help you solve or relate to the question, mainly providing guidance. I found it so interesting and have been using them on myself and friends during our uncertainties and for a bit of fun. The specific deck my Aunty got me is linked but I plan to buy more.
  5. Tea Tree Oil – Even though I don’t have acne, I have noticed more breakouts this month. After reading somewhere that tea tree oil helps clear pimples, I thought I should try it considering I had some in my laundry cupboard. I had also been using tea tree oil to clear my nose by adding some drops to boiling water and breathing it in. After a couple of days, I noticed my pimples drying and after a week, disappearing. All I had done was apply tea tree oil daily with a cotton ball. The most inexpensive method I had come across proved to be the best, much to my surprise. Tea tree oil is truly a ‘do-all’ with multiple beauty, health and household uses. I also know The Body Shop has a tea tree oil range which is amazing if you’re just as obsessed with tea tree oil as me 🙂

Thanks for sticking it out, March has had a pretty long favourite’s post which is odd because I struggled to think of anything good in this month at first 🙂 Focus on the good things in life and you’ll be surprised how much happiness you find. There are my words of wisdom and now I’m done 🙂 Love you all,

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxx

P.S Forgot to mention, I am now adding links to the titles of my favourites that you can purchase online so you can check them out really easily. I’ve also gone back and added links to my other favourites posts so go have a look 🙂

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February Favourites 2017

So February has come to an end and it honestly flew past me this year. Sorry this post is also really late, I feel like I have no time for anything anymore 😦 Anyway, sadly February mainly consisted of getting back into the swing of school and I haven’t really done anything that interesting. We did celebrate my brother’s birthday and I’ve had quite a few functions on the weekends which you’ve got to love dressing up for 🙂 Keep on reading to see my Top 5 Favourites of February.

  1. Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb – Being totally in love with lush, I am always eager to try new products and the intergalactic bath bomb amazed me. I especially like their bath bombs that seem completely different i.e don’t have a similar smell, colour or effect of any other bath bomb. The intergalactic bath bomb was really unique and with my favourite colour being blue, the midnight blue this product made my bath water was beautiful. I also really liked the fine gold glitter that much to my surprise, came out of this bath bomb. It was an absolute pain to clean but completely worth it 🙂 Hopefully I can post a more in-depth review of this bath bomb for you soon!
  2. Daily Planner – After seeing to do lists in my January favourites, you could probably guess that I’m an organisation freak. With school in full motion and assessments popping up everywhere, my daily planner has really gotten a workout. I write everything in it and am always looking over it, seeing what’s on for the rest of the week and what I can satisfyingly scribble off as completed.
  3. L’oreal True Match FoundationThis month I have surprisingly been reaching for this drugstore foundation much more than my Urban Decay one. Not only is it very affordable, it is easily blendable because of the smooth texture and doesn’t leave my skin looking cakey. I am in the shade 3.D/3.W Golden Beige and I couldn’t be happier with how the colour matches my skin tone. I also noticed recently that my particular shade has fine gold glitter in it which give an amazing glowing complexion but can look a bit odd in the daytime! Lastly, even though it’s not advertised I did notice the back of the bottle states it is SPF 17. SPF is always an amazing addition to any foundation as it protects your skin from the harsh UV rays which aren’t only present in summer.
  4. Spotify App – With school back on, my daily bus trips have resumed and I am always in need of some entertainment. Spotify allows you to stream music with wi-fi for free. It is completely legal and not dodgy like so many other music streaming apps I have come across. Although you do need to be using your 4G with the app, if you’d prefer you can upgrade to premium which allows you to stream without wi-fi and eliminates adds. I haven’t tried this as you have to pay for it but hopefully will soon.
  5. Converse ‘Dainty’ White Low Top Sneakers – I haven’t gone anywhere on the weekends without these Converse sneakers on my feet. I have been wanting these for so long as they are such a classic sneaker that can be pulled off with any outfit. At first I was disappointed as I got blisters on the backs of my feet but after the first wear they were fine. They probably just needed to be broken in for a day.

Thanks for reading my February Top 5 Favourites and apologies again for the very late upload. I’ll make sure the March one is here on time! Love you all and I hope starting school hasn’t been too stressful.

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxx

January Favourites 2017

I honestly cannot believe it has already been a full month since 2016 came to an end. January has been an amazing month for me as I have been enjoying summer holidays in Australia, spending days at the beach, road tripping and I was also lucky enough to fly interstate and enjoy the theme parks, beaches and a beautiful hotel in the Gold Coast. Reality is slowly hitting me as I am starting school tomorrow and just finished all my holiday homework :/ I’m quite nervous to go back to school as I feel now that I’m in year 10 there’s much more pressure to focus on studies and perform well. I’m also not the most confident person especially around new people and although I am lucky to have my closest friends in most of my classes I am still quite nervous. Anyway, today I’ll be giving you a run-down of my top 5 favourite things from the start of 2017.

  1. The Beach – As I mentioned above, I have been lying on soft, warm sand and swimming in salty waves a lot throughout January. I’m definitely going to miss this as I’ll have no time for the beach anymore with school starting and the weather only making the transition to Autumn.
  2. Peanut Butter on Toast – Such a random favourite but I thought I had to mention this as I have been munching away on this every morning. I recently became obsessed with crunchy peanut butter and it tastes amazing slightly melted on my hot toast. I’m planning on making this my new after school snack to steer myself away from Tim Tams.
  3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen SPF 50+ – I haven’t been wearing much makeup at all this month because it’s just too hot and I was swimming most of the time with not many proper outings. So, for my beauty favourite of the month, I couldn’t skip the product that has saved my face from the scorching Aussie sun. Normal sunscreen just feels so thick on my skin and ends up either breaking me out or stinging my eyes for the rest of the day. I can’t go without this face sunscreen by Neutrogena. Not only is it 50+, it isn’t greasy feeling at all and has a matte finish without making your face look completely white. It’s everything you could ask for.
  4. To Do Lists – You may be thinking, why would I need a to do list on the holidays? Well, my simple reason is that without my school diary I am completely lost. I am so disorganised and I find to do lists so handy even for little things like picking things up from the shops or cleaning out my drawers ready to take on the new year.
  5. The Cinemas & The Drive-Ins – I am a massive fan of movies on the big screen and depending on whether I want to watch a movie in my pyjamas or not, I have been going to the cinemas and the drive-ins recently. This month I saw XXX 3 – return of Xander Cage (action packed and so badass), Passengers (interesting and involves all the emotions), Sing (teaches kids to follow their dreams!), Moana (so inspiring for young girls), Why Him? (hilarious!) and Middle School (I found it funny but it has a shocking, sad plot twist).

This marks the end of my Top 5 favourites this January. Thanks for reading and keep a look out for my February favourites which I know will come around wayyy too fast. Enjoy the rest of the summer if you’re in Australia and if you’re lucky enough to have snow right now, well, send me some in the mail 😉

– Wish and Wonder Girl xxxx